Jean Polpol

Jean Polpol

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Marcel appeared briefly in my life. It happened in the fifties or seventies. I can't remember exactly any more. We were living in Michigan or in Walloon Brabant. My memory's never been good. I spent the whole day with my mother. I was too young to go to school. My father was a foreman or something like that at General Motors. One afternoon, someone knocked at the door. My mother went to open it. The man who introduced himself was strange. He must have been a foreigner. I had never seen one before. I think it was a weasel. Or thinking about it, more probably a tortoise. That is how Jean-Luc Cornette's new story begins, as ever deliciously convoluted and unsettling, this time partnered for the drawings by Eric Warnauts (slight infidelity to his usual collaborator Guy Raives). But it makes it even better for us, with the 120 pages of the album being so beautiful, timeless, droll and full of suspense and nonsense. An important happening in comic books!

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